Top 5 Actors Named Michael

Michael is more than just a movie about John Travolta’s life. it is also a name that many people have. And among the many people are these 5 amazing actors. Picking a top list of actors named Michael was quite difficult. And no, Chad Michael Murray did not make the list.

5) Michael Gross

One of America’s favorite dads. This Michael comes in a bearded version or a mustached version. Select Michael Gross’ include a clean shaven face. I don’t know if I like him better on Family Ties or from Tremors. Either way, that’s gross. No. That’s Michael Gross.

4) Michael Myers

Oh, behave. Have we covered a Mike Myers movie? I mean, we did Halloween, but does that count? I always thought he was a funny actor, but I never fully understood him. He isn’t wirey like Jim Carrey, and he isn’t off the wall like Robin Williams. And yet, here he is…included with this list.

3) Michael Keaton

I feel like Keaton is hitting his stride with each year that passes. I mean, those eyebrows…right? He is a perfect villain. Just like when he was the bad guy in Mr. Mom. Wait, am I remembering that correctly?

2) Michael Shannon

This is a vanity pick for me. I happen to think Michael Shannon is a tremendous actor. From film to TV, he has done an excellent job of portraying dramatic and menacing characters. Plus, I met him once and happen to know that he likes fried mac n’ cheese balls.

1) Michael J. Fox

Come on. He had to be number one. He is one of the greatest Michaels in the world. He has brought so much joy and love to the world. And in case you didn’t know, the name of our podcast is based on Back to the Future. Little factoid for ya!

Top 5 Val Kilmer Movies

Can you believe we have gone this whole time and not once talked about Val Kilmer? I can’t believe it either. What a human that Kilmer is. He has a long resume of fantastic films, but I feel that he is underrated. What movies are his finest? Buckle up and find the f*ck out.

5) The Doors (1991)

I’m a sucker for The Doors. And Val Kilmer does an excellent job as Jim Morrison. Oliver Stone put together a great product here and it warmly tells the tragic tale of one of the greatest bands ever.

4) Tombstone (1993)

Hello, Doc Holliday. If you like westerns, then this movie is for you. Riveting performances come from not only Kilmer, but Kurt Russell, Sam Elliott, and Bill Pullman Paxton. Wyatt Earp never seemed cooler than he did in this film.

3) Willow (1988)

Honestly, I forgot Val Kilmer was in this movie until I started to research for this article. Willow was one of my favorite movies as a child. And rewatching it as an adult and truly appreciating Kilmer’s work is a triumph. Written by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard. It’s a home run through and through.

2) Top Gun (1986)

This is probably your mom’s favorite movie. Kilmer is the epitome of cool in this flick. I mean, his name is Ice Man. Your name is probably something stupid like Dave or Hank (sorry Dave). I can honestly say that I am not excited about there being a sequel to this movie.

1) Batman Forever (1995)

It simply had to be. People underestimate how great of a performance Val Kilmer pulls off as Bruce Wayne and Batman. It’s difficult because the iconic role is really two roles. An actor has to be able to play the calm Wayne, as well as the dynamic dynamo that is Batman. Michael Keaton did a great job as well. But for me, Kilmer is the definitive Batman. There, I said it. All hate mail can go directly to Kyle.