Top 5 Freddie Prinze Jr. Movies

So Freddie Prinze Jr. is a cool dude. There is no way around it. He isn’t as cool as Billy Zane (but nobody is). Anyways, Freddie has had a pretty interesting acting career. Some of his movies are regarded as classics, while others are regarded as lawn clippings. In any regard, let’s distill his career into a top five list because…why not.

5). Wing Commander (1999)

Well, I have never seen this movie. But it has to be good because FPJ is in it.

4). Scooby-Doo (2002)

Yes Dave, I know. This isn’t actually a good movie. But Scooby-Doo was my favorite as a kid so I cheesed all over this movie when it came out. FPJ plays an excellent Fred (just like in real life).

3). Summer Catch (2001)

Uhm, if you played a sport in high school, this is probably a pretty cool movie. It has music and romance and FPJ. I’m starting to see a trend. Every movie that has our boy Freddie in it is fantastic. It doesn’t even have to be good to be great.

2). I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

It’s true. I do know. But I’m not telling. This features a young Freddie, but his eyebrows wear the weight of the world. It is spooky and filled with teenage angst. If you want to know more about it, listen to our review of the film.

1). She’s All That (1999)

Yes she is. And yes he is. For some reason, we haven’t reviewed this movie. Or have we? I don’t really remember. It’s really a cool movie and I enjoy the story, the acting, and the music.

Top 5 Val Kilmer Movies

Can you believe we have gone this whole time and not once talked about Val Kilmer? I can’t believe it either. What a human that Kilmer is. He has a long resume of fantastic films, but I feel that he is underrated. What movies are his finest? Buckle up and find the f*ck out.

5) The Doors (1991)

I’m a sucker for The Doors. And Val Kilmer does an excellent job as Jim Morrison. Oliver Stone put together a great product here and it warmly tells the tragic tale of one of the greatest bands ever.

4) Tombstone (1993)

Hello, Doc Holliday. If you like westerns, then this movie is for you. Riveting performances come from not only Kilmer, but Kurt Russell, Sam Elliott, and Bill Pullman Paxton. Wyatt Earp never seemed cooler than he did in this film.

3) Willow (1988)

Honestly, I forgot Val Kilmer was in this movie until I started to research for this article. Willow was one of my favorite movies as a child. And rewatching it as an adult and truly appreciating Kilmer’s work is a triumph. Written by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard. It’s a home run through and through.

2) Top Gun (1986)

This is probably your mom’s favorite movie. Kilmer is the epitome of cool in this flick. I mean, his name is Ice Man. Your name is probably something stupid like Dave or Hank (sorry Dave). I can honestly say that I am not excited about there being a sequel to this movie.

1) Batman Forever (1995)

It simply had to be. People underestimate how great of a performance Val Kilmer pulls off as Bruce Wayne and Batman. It’s difficult because the iconic role is really two roles. An actor has to be able to play the calm Wayne, as well as the dynamic dynamo that is Batman. Michael Keaton did a great job as well. But for me, Kilmer is the definitive Batman. There, I said it. All hate mail can go directly to Kyle.

Top 5 Brendan Fraser Movies

Like it or not, but Brendan Fraser is a national treasure. And much like national treasures, he gets better with age. Coming up with a list of the top 5 movies that sum up his career is a daunting task. It was hard to not include gems like Dudley Do-Right. With that being said, here is a list of words about Brendan Fraser movies.

5) Monkey Bone (2001)

You can’t have a top list of Brendan Fraser movies without first mentioning Monkey Bone. What’s it about? I don’t know. Is it good? I don’t care. It’s called Monkey Bone and it stars Brendan Fraser. That’s all you need to know about this movie.

4) George of the Jungle (1997)

In 1997, I didn’t take Brendan Fraser to be the wildman type. But there is something about him and his frazzled hair that simply makes a solid George of the Jungle. Sure his performance is a bit stilted at times. But this isn’t George Thespian of the Jungle.

3) Bedazzled (2000)

I can’t decide if I like this movie because it’s funny or because of Elizabeth Hurley. And before you start complaining, I know it is a remake. But there is something magical about what Harold Ramis did with this film. I laughed, I cried, and I ate popcorn. What else can you want out of a movie?

2) Encino Man (1992)

Totally epic movie. Brendan Fraser may not be saying a whole lot during this film, but he is held up by great physical comedy and a stellar cast which includes Sean Astin and Pauly Shore. Plus, Fraser makes cameos as his character Link in In the Army Now and Son-in-Law.

1) The Mummy (1999)

Ok. You’ll either agree with me or disagree with me, but keep in mind that The Mummy was a pretty epic blockbuster when it came out. All campiness aside, it spawned a franchise and a butt-load of licensed goods. Sure parts of it didn’t age well, but Brendan Fraser’s ‘shoot first’ attitude still shines in the original.

Top 5 Actors Named Steve

Much like smells, there are a lot of actors in the world. And a lot of them are named Steve. But we aren’t talking about Steve Burns or Steve Harwell. We are talking about the sensational Steves of the world. The succulent actors who embody everything that it means to be a Steve.

5) Steve Harvey

He might be well known nowadays for his talk show or his time on Family Feud. But you might remember him from his 90s sitcom The Steve Harvey Show. Not only is he a snappy dresser, he delivers a 1-2 punch like no other comedian.

4) Steve Carell

A skilled and well-versed actor. Carell has brought countless people joy and entertainment for his work on The Office. Afterwards, he pieced together a solid career in films. There is something about his ability to play a lovable moron that makes him truly memorable.

3) Steve Buscemi

Despite him dying in every movie he appears, Buscemi is something of a rarity. He brings the seasoning on to a delicious pizza. With a career that has sprawled decades, Buscemi has delivered performances that are both invigorating and unhinged.

2) Steve Martin

A comedian of vast proportions. His skills range from fatherly to subversive. This white-haired muchacho is capable of bringing down the house with his neurotic performances. If you don’t believe me, check out his performance in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

1) Steve Zahn

The ultimate Steve. From eating La-zahn-gna to celebrating Zahn-ukkah, this Steve has paved a mustached path through comedy, drama, thriller, and horror. He has played a lovable loser and a love interest. He has been a hero, a rocker, and a Neil Diamond enthusiast. He is the reason this list exists. The end.

Top 5 Pre-MCU Superhero Movies

Marvel movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come a long way. How far, you may ask? Movies based on Marvel comics date back decades. And that isn’t including all the television shows and cartoons. There is a lot of content that predates what we currently know and have experienced with the epic tale that is Avengers: Endgame. Fortunately for us fans, many of these films aren’t cannon. It is interesting to note that there was a time when comic book movies weren’t main stream. It’s just odd to think that people used to get made fun of for liking comics. But now, you are thought of as an outsider for not.

5) Ghost Rider (2007)

Nic Cage is a sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise, and tomatoes. No matter the combination of what you add to that sandwich, the end result is simply delicious. I wish they were able to find a way to fold this franchise in with the MCU. Can you imagine how awesome an unhinged Nic Cage performance alongside an arrogant Robert Downey, Jr. would be?

4) Blade (1998)

While coming after Steel and Meteor Man, Blade was truly the first Marvel superhero movie of its kind. Wesley Snipes’ performance is gritty and he paves the way in the original to bring an entire Blade Franchise to life. Plus, the dad from Grounded for Life is hilarious when he gets his hand chopped off.

3) Fantastic Four (1994)

The famed, unreleased movie (which you can totally watch in its entirety for free). For what it is worth, most people agree that this is better than the 2015 reboot. I am one of those people. It is like a classic, schlock B-movie. If you told me it was produced by Troma, I would believe it (and love it more).

2) Spider-Man (2002)

This is a difficult one because Spider-Man is actually a part of the MCU now. But back in 2002, he lived in his own little universe. The first movie popped from the screen illustrated how a comic book movie can be loyal to the pages while also serving a big return at the box office.

1) X-Men (2000)

For my money, this is the granddaddy of superhero movies. It showed off an ensemble cast in a way that others have struggled. It brought in the right amount of realism while sticking to some of the traditional campiness of the source material. It defined Hugh Jackman as an Icon for nearly two decades. Sure the MCU might be celebrating 10 years…but X-Men has them beat. I must say, I am particularly looking forward to when Professor X and crew are fully assimilated into the MCU.

Top 5 Movies Based on Video Games

On the wings of the Sonic trailer and the release of Detective Pikachu, it is clear that the industry doesn’t quite understand the power or value of video game movies. Look, video games are fun. Movies are fun. So mixing them together should be a recipe for success, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that well. Despite the low bar for most video game movies, they do bring a lot of joy and nostalgia. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

5) Doom (2005)

I include this one because it is ambitious. The original game was so reduced in terms of narrative and playable options. You were just a dude with some guns killing some things. But then a whole mythology spawned and created a universe for the game to properly exist in. This movie, however, doesn’t do much with what it’s given.

4) Resident Evil (2002)

Being a massive fan of the Resident Evil franchises, I was super excited for this movie’s release. Even though the product had stark comparatives to the source material, it still was a nice nod to see this video game on the big screen. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how they screwed this up so badly though.

3) Street Fighter (1994)

Perhaps Raul Julia is the saving grace for this flick. But either way, he brings the house down with his portrayal of the evil M. Bison. I had a teacher in fourth grade whose last name was Bison. You better believe I called her M. Bison all the time. On a side note, I also spent a lot of time in detention. Related? Probably.

2) Mortal Kombat (1995)

Get over here! Or get out of here. I love the way this movie brings the characters to life. It seems almost natural to see them interact with one another outside of the ring. My little brother had his sixth birthday party at MacDonald’s. And when it started, he raced to the top of the playhouse and screamed, “It has begun!”

1) Super Mario Bros. (1993)

It had to be. This defined what video game movies could be for a lot of people. I mean that with both positive and negative connotations. But if you listen back to our episode on this one, you will see why there is a lot to love. Kyle went into this review with every intent of hating it. He came out the other side as a believer.

Top 5 Time Travel Movies

With Avengers: Endgame come and gone, it is time to have a serious discussion about time travel. Whether you believe in it as possible or are left with more questions than answers after watching Endgame, time travel has played a big part in pop culture dating back to the 1880s. Film has featured many versions of the fabled technology. Some made it pretty believable. Others were called Looper. Just kidding. Looper was a decent movie minus the horrible facial prosthetics on JGL.

5) Timecop (1994)

Every movie is made better with Jean-Claude Van Damme. But adding elements of time travel to the mix makes a spicy dish. Timecop is a unique film that tackles the topic of time travel from an original angle. That angle is by infusing the motivations of government agencies to police the potentially corrupt practice. Wait, that makes it sound boring. Roundhouse kick!

4) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

There is so much golden about this movie. First of all, it acts as a time capsule for all of history to remember what a phone booth was. Think about it. If a kid these days watches that movie, they will have no idea what a phone booth is. Crazy!

3) The Terminator (1984)

Yes, this could potentially be higher on the list. But it is riddled with questions that plague the entire franchise. With that being said, Terminator is awesome and leads into one of the best sequels of all time. The basic principals of time travel are in play, but it doesn’t take into consideration the ripple effect of its own actions.

2) 12 Monkeys (1995)

Perhaps a reach at number 2. But it’s my list, so 12 Monkeys is finishing high. I love the way this film handles the way time travel interacts with itself. Because if something happens during time travel, then that action is stamped into reality. This means that the time traveler will be burned into the true reality of anyone who sees him. Hence the powerful airport scene. Gosh does that just warp my mind. Future episode for sure!

1) Back to the Future (1985)

back to the future time travel

How in the world can there be a time travel list without Back to the Future. For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time this film rounds out the top of one of our top 5 lists. This movie has been called the perfect time travel movie. I think the way it deals with how travel effects the future and the past that it really resonates as tangible with audiences. And if you couldn’t tell, Back to the Future is one of our favorite films!

Top 5 Funniest Bathroom Scenes in Movies

The bathroom is a sacred place. It is a spot where serious business gets done. And movies know this. That’s why so many funny scenes take place in the bathroom. In fact, anything involving a bathroom is funny (shitter’s full, anyone?). But what is the best of the best? Sure we can go down some grim roads and talk Psycho or Full Metal Jacket. But let’s stick to what the bathroom is best known for…funny fart poo boom boom brown humor.

5) Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Who does number 2 work for? Who doesn’t he work for…if you know what I’m saying. Watching Austin Powers struggle to stay alive on the can is funny. But what makes this scene memorable is watching it from Tom Arnold’s perspective. And he legit thinks Michael Myers pooped a midget.

4) Dumb and Dumber (1994)

There is a whole lot of bathroom humor in this flick. We could have included the scene with Sea Bass. Or even went with Bob Saget’s scene from the sequel. But not much is a match for watching a frantic Jeff Daniels destroy a toilet.

3) American Pie (1999)

High school is a frightening time. This is especially true when it comes to how easily one’s reputation can be ruined. I think having explosive diarrhea would do a good job of ruining your street cred. But having it in the bathroom of the opposite sex? Well, I think Stiffler’s master plan worked for sure.

2) There’s Something About Mary (1998)

There are so many possibilities for humor in a bathroom. We have seen murder, pooping, farting, embarrassment, and now…frank and beans. There is a lot of comedy that occurs in this scene beyond the obvious. It takes a mixture of physical comedy and dramatic irony…and creates one awkward situation.

1) Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

What’s worse than explosive diarrhea? Probably when the toilet explodes back. Talk about a dirty bomb. This is a well crafted scene with tons of tension. You got to feel bad for Mel Gibson as there is no telling what sort of smells came out of Danny Glover during this scene. All in all, it is a proper mix of toilet humor and a crap load of action. How does the toilet not shatter at the end?

Top 5 Family Sci-Fi/Adventure Movies

We got into a conversation about doing a top 5 sci-fi movies episode for the podcast. I was dismayed as the idea of ranking a broad slate of sci-fi films would be really difficult. How do you compare something like Alien vs E.T.? Truth be told, even doing a family list brings its own difficulties as this could include anything from Back to the Future to Star Wars. But for the sake of this list, I wanted to focus on movies that starred or featured a family, not just something that was family friendly. Oh Hell, I’ll be honest, I just wanted to write a list so I can talk about the following movies:

5) Mom and Dad Save the World (1992)

This list is going to cover a lot of ground. But what is more ‘family’ than a mom and dad saving the world? This is the ultimate end to the debate of “my dad can beat up your dad”. Because none of that matters if your dad can’t best Jon Lovitz in intergalactic battle.

4) Jumanji (1995)

A brother, a sister, some dead parents. A recipe for family success. Throw in some monkeys, some mysterious drum noises, and some wildly hair Robin Williams….and viola. Success. Love me some Jumanji.

3) Stay Tuned (1992)

Another well-to-do set of parents jetsetting through a world of fantasy in order to achieve salvation. John Ritter is stellar as always. Plus we get Jeffrey Jones and Eugene Levy. This movie both intrigued me and terrified me as a child. But there is something so cool about the idea of being sucked into the TV.

2) Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

Repeat after me. Rick. Moranis. Now try not to laugh thinking about the goofball Wayne Szalinski. I love the concept of this mild, reserved father creating this shrinking device that puts his children in mortal danger. This is a true science fiction flick that focuses on the plight of the parents, as well as the children.

1) Back to the Future (1985)

There is no way this couldn’t be included. At first, I wasn’t going to feature it…but then I thought about this film as a whole. It is kind of the ultimate family film featuring a family. Everything that Marty does, he does for his family. And they are featured in the present and the past in a unique way.