RETRO Interview Adam Kontras Fastest DeLorean

We are back in the archives for another episode. On this episode we interview Adam Kontras the Writer, Director and Star of the Documentary, Fastest DeLorean! The Fastest DeLorean and Fastest DeLorean Part II are now streaming on Amazing Prime and we highly recommend you checking it out. Here are the original show notes: This week on the podcast we interview Adam Kontras the Director/Producer and star of the documentary, The Fastest DeLorean in the World! You can stream the Fastest DeLorean Doc on Amazon Prime right now and the sequel is scheduled for June release on prime.  In the episode we talk about the iconic DeLorean vehicle, Adam’s first memories of watching Back to the Future in theaters and talk about the upcoming release of the Fastest DeLorean Part II. Click here to listen.

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Who we are:  Back in Time Pod is a unique journey into the depths of the films that defined a generation. Join us in our DeLorean as we examine the year each movie came out, original trailer, box office numbers, critic response, production, and provide a play by play of the story.

Oh yeah, we are also really funny!

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