Top 5 Billy Zane Movies

There is no way around the following statement. And that statement is this: Billy Zane is amazing. Honestly, that’s all I need to say. I shouldn’t have to say any more. But because our robot overlords demand that content be long and serve a purpose, I will do this the right way. Allow me to introduce you to “Billy Zane’s Top 5 Roles”!

5). Titanic (1997)

So here is the thing. Those of you who have listened to the show for a while will know that I have never seen this movie. Conversely, Kyle has seen it a girly amount of times. Despite his love and my loathe, we can agree that Billy Zane plays one heck of a villain in this movie.

4). Sniper (1993)

Uhm, have you seen this movie? If you haven’t, stop what you are doing right now and go watch it. Even if you are watching it right now, stop the movie, rewind it, and start it over. And if you think I’m kidding, know that Zane plays an Olympic medalist and SWAT team sharpshooter. So there.

3). Zoolander (2001)

Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he’s a cool dude! Yeah, no duh he is a cool dude. And he shouldn’t be trifled with. I can only hope that one day my life will be cool enough to have Billy Zane as my friend, and to have him give me advice.

2). Back to the Future Part I & II (1985, 1989)

When life gives you lemons, cast Billy Zane. And that’s what happened in 1985 when the world was graced with Mr. Billy Zane’s first acting experience. What a way to make a splash in this world. A great movie with a beautiful man. Check out the full review of Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II.

1). The Phantom (1996)

This one is for Marty Johnson. And he knows why. It’s not just because of the purple spandex. Or the boy horse. Honestly, I have tried watching this movie on three separate occasions. And each time I fell asleep. It is a phenomenon. I can’t explain it. It is beyond explanation. Has anyone survived watching this movie?

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