Top 5 Worst Characters Named Charlie

I have nothing against people named Charles, Chuck, or Charlie. But when it comes to characters in movies, those named Charlie tend to be the worst. Don’t believe me, check out this list of the worst characters named Charlie.

5) Charlie Hinton (Daddy Day Care)

Oh look at me, my name is Charlie and I started a day care. Get over yourself. Nobody cares about your stupid movie or your stupid face. Go back to the playground and play on the see-saw all by yourself. Dummy.

4) Charlie Townsend (Charlie’s Angels)

What’s this guy’s deal? He just hangs around with his Angels and makes them do stuff for him. Does he do his own grocery shopping? I bet he has a crew of people to take care of that for him as well. What a hoser! That’s why he talks through that stupid speaker. Robot boy.

3) Charlie Bucket (Willy Wonka/Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)

This little brat. He wants chocolate so badly. Nobody cares that you like candy. You are the reason why creepy Uncle Joe is bed ridden. He doesn’t want to deal with your whining. And what kind of name is Bucket. It’s a stupid name, that’s what.

2) Charlie Calvin (The Santa Clause)

Wha wha wha…another cry baby. Your dad is Santa Claus, so calm down you little wimp. Go back to your room and pretend you have friends, because you don’t. Bernard doesn’t even like you because you are a wimp.

1) Charlie Conway (Mighty Ducks)

A whiney little jerk bag. You suck at hockey. You aren’t a leader. You are only on the team because your mom is boning the coach. You can’t skate and you are ugly. And stupid. And dumb. Nobody on the team likes you. Everyone knows you are the weakest link.

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