Top 5 Movies Based on Video Games

On the wings of the Sonic trailer and the release of Detective Pikachu, it is clear that the industry doesn’t quite understand the power or value of video game movies. Look, video games are fun. Movies are fun. So mixing them together should be a recipe for success, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that well. Despite the low bar for most video game movies, they do bring a lot of joy and nostalgia. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

5) Doom (2005)

I include this one because it is ambitious. The original game was so reduced in terms of narrative and playable options. You were just a dude with some guns killing some things. But then a whole mythology spawned and created a universe for the game to properly exist in. This movie, however, doesn’t do much with what it’s given.

4) Resident Evil (2002)

Being a massive fan of the Resident Evil franchises, I was super excited for this movie’s release. Even though the product had stark comparatives to the source material, it still was a nice nod to see this video game on the big screen. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how they screwed this up so badly though.

3) Street Fighter (1994)

Perhaps Raul Julia is the saving grace for this flick. But either way, he brings the house down with his portrayal of the evil M. Bison. I had a teacher in fourth grade whose last name was Bison. You better believe I called her M. Bison all the time. On a side note, I also spent a lot of time in detention. Related? Probably.

2) Mortal Kombat (1995)

Get over here! Or get out of here. I love the way this movie brings the characters to life. It seems almost natural to see them interact with one another outside of the ring. My little brother had his sixth birthday party at MacDonald’s. And when it started, he raced to the top of the playhouse and screamed, “It has begun!”

1) Super Mario Bros. (1993)

It had to be. This defined what video game movies could be for a lot of people. I mean that with both positive and negative connotations. But if you listen back to our episode on this one, you will see why there is a lot to love. Kyle went into this review with every intent of hating it. He came out the other side as a believer.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Movies Based on Video Games

  1. In a honorable mention, House Of The Dead. As bad as that video game movie is, it holds a special place. I took my brother to see it. In the movie the main villain says?”I will never die”, later in the movie that same villain will his head on the floor, my brother, not realizing how loud he was, said,”I will never die” the whole theater busted out in laughter. Nice list!!

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  2. In a honorable mention House Of The Day. Holds a special place for me even though it’s pretty bad. Took my brother to see it. During the movie the main villain says,”I will never die”. Towards the end of the movie with his head on the floor from being chopped off, as his head is looking around, my brother, not realizing how loud he said it, says,”I will never die”. Everyone in the theater started busting up laughing. Good times, nice list!


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