The Santa Clause Ep. 19


In episode 19, we jump in the DeLorean and travel to 1994 to review one of the most successful Christmas movies of all time, the Santa Clause starring Tim Allen.  At the beginning of the episode we give our review of the last episode of Star Wars the Last Jedi, JD how very controversial comments it’s a must listen. We preview the upcoming box office weekend and talk about Matt Damon’s latest comments.  We preview the episode and then do a full scene by scene break down of The Santa Clause.  Subscribe to us iTunes.  Click here to listen online.

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The Santa Clause Teaser Trailer



This week on the teaser trailer we get a first look into this weeks episode of the Santa Clause.  During the episode we talk about the box office numbers, critical response and listen and watch the original trailer from 1994.  The full episode will be out in a few days and available to download on iTunes!  Please subscribe to our page. Click here to listen online.

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Gremlins Ep. 18


In this week’s podcast we jump in the Delorean and head to 1984 to break down the 1984 box office hit Gremlins. This film is produced by Steven Spielberg and Directed by Joe Dante.  This might be our best episode yet, we break down the film in it’s entirety point out some of the easter eggs and JD explains his theory on how Tarentino stole from Gremlins and John Candy’s character’s in Plains Trains and Automobiles mirrors Mr. Peltzer.  At the end of the episode we discuss and breakdown the significance of the Disney buyout of 20th Century Fox.  It’s a fun episode and we think you will love it. Subscribe to us right here on iTunes.  Click here to listen online!

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Kindergarten Cop Teaser Trailer


We are back with all new teaser trailer breakdown, this week we take a dive into the 1990 Action/Comedy Kindergarten Cop starring the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In this episode we talk about first memories of the film, talk casting, listen and breakdown the original trailer and then dive into the box office numbers and upcoming releases in theaters.  This is a can’t miss episode.  Full episode will be coming out in the next few days.  Subscribe to us on iTunes!  Click here to listen