Remember the Titans Ep. 16


In episode 16 of the Back in Time Podcast we travel back to September 29th, 2000 and breakdown the Disney film Remember the Titans.  In this episode we talk about current cinema, the upcoming release of the comedy the Disaster Artist and the weekly box office numbers. In the review of Remember the Titans we talk about some of the real facts of the movie that Hollywood took liberties with and then we break down the entire film. This is a fun episode and is co-hosted by Tim Burton (Not that Tim Burton, don’t get to excited).  Click here to Listen.

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the Mighty Ducks ep. 15


In episode 15 we jump in the DeLorean and travel back to 1992 to review the family/comedy film the Mighty Ducks. Listen in as we break down the current cinema, talk about Thor Ragnarok, Daddy’s Home 2 and the newly released Justice League.  Kyle also compares Johnny Depp’s current career to the titanic and thinks he’s taking on water. We also break the Mighty Ducks in it’s entirety and you get to hear why JD thinks Charlie Conway is way overrated.  Subscribe to us iTunes!  New episodes every week, click here to listen.



Ghostbusters: Station 6 with Director Christopher Tomlinson Ep. 14


It’s Ghostbusters week but with a little twist! On the podcast Kyle interviews Writer/Director Christopher Tomlinson about his new TV Show Ghostbusters: Station 6. The first episode is up on Youtube now, link down below. There is also a Indiegogo up now to help support the show so we can see more episodes, link for that is below. Later in the episode we talk Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Real Ghostbusters TV Show, Ghostbusters the reboot, Ghostheads the Documentary and just growing up fans of this amazing franchise! Click Here to Listen


Wayne’s World Ep. 13


We are back for Ep. 13 and this week we jump into the DeLorean and cruise back to 1992 to relive the hilarious comedy film Wayne’s World. This movie would spark the career of Mike Myers and turn him into a movie star all over the world. Listen in as we break down the intro to Wayne’s World and how it started, interesting facts and box office numbers.  Sheyeah! As if! We do a scene by scene break to finish off the episode, not!!! Click here to listen.