Ghostbusters: Station 6 Press Release



Ghostbusters: Station 6 is what happens when this beloved franchise meets a live action television show format.  The successful cartoon The Real Ghostbusters delved into the full potential Ivan Reitman’s original films set as a foundation, Station 6 will take cues from both influences.  Life inside a working Ghostbusters franchise outside of the main New York branch is filled with oddities and refocusing the camera on employees other than the main four will bring out not only comedy, but a look at the terrifying implications of a world with the constant threat of inter-dimensional beings trying to cross over to this plane of existence.


It’s been nearly 28 years since Vigo the Carpathian’s attempted crossrip left the Barrett family in the wake of yet another supernatural disaster.  Since then, Oscar Barrett’s journey has led him to work for the sleepy Ghostbuster franchise of Southern Califorina; Station 6.  Having never experienced any threat over a Class 3, it’s perfect for Oscar’s habitual laziness.  Although he looks up to his step dad, Dr. Peter Venkman, Oscar has waited a long time for an opportunity to step outside of “the Venkman Shadow.”  and he is given his chance when his partner Veronica “Roni” Gladwell begins to see an increase in the class of ghost the franchise encounters, which is indicative a new threat could be looming.  Soon the franchise’s resident conspiracy theorist Samuel Whitman, and technology geek and receptionist Michael “Specks” Edwards begin to confirm Gladwell’s theory.  Station 6’s franchise owner Marion Pascal being more interested in profits than his employee’s safety quickly squashes any conjecture of these threats since he has a vested interest in keeping the status quo, rather than ordering new equipment.  Soon, a previously unknown threat from Oscar’s past makes themselves known and evidence to why the Barrett family seems to be a constant target of the supernatural world is unearthed.


Ghostbusters: Station 6’s pilot episode will be posted on YouTube and Facebook on October 16th, 2017.
Written and Directed by Christopher J. Tomlinson.  Chris has worked in the film industry for over a decade and has been on the creative teams of over 150 professional level productions and directed 5 independent films.  The team assembled to bring this concept to life is made up of an all star cast and crew of industry professionals bent on continuing this beloved property’s tradition of cinematic excellence.  This production was also done in cooperation with local “real-life” Ghostbusters franchises: Orange County Ghostbusters, Southland Ghostbusters, and the Hollywood Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters: Station 6 stars:
Chris Kato as Oscar Barrett

Veronica Ray as Roni Gladwell

Joey Sinko as “Specks”

Jason Ashby as Samuel Whitman

Kelly Perine as Marion Pascal

Brent Huff as “Coven Man”
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