Wayne’s World Teaser Trailer


This week on the teaser trailer we take a look back at the original trailer for the 1992 smash hit, Wayne’s World.  Listen in as we break it down and talk about the trailer, the full episode will drop on Wednesday.  Click Here to Listen



Saw Ep. 12


This week on the podcast we take a look at the 2004 hit Saw, on the very same day as the newest release in the franchise hits theaters all over the country.  We break down current cinema at the beginning of the episode and then talk all things saw including production, box office and interesting facts. In the full review we are joined by Jesse DiSandro and give a full scene by scene breakdown of the film.  Please subscribe to our iTunes page so you never miss an episode. You can also listen to the full episode by Clicking Here.


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Teaser Trailer: SAW


This week on the podcast we travel back into the 2000’s for the very first time and go back to October 29th 2004 to review the original Saw. Listen in as we break down the original trailer and then breakdown on the other side.  Full episode will be up on Friday and we have our special guest Jesse joining us for the very first time.  Click Here to Listen


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Halloween Ep. 11


In episode 11 we go back to October 27th of 1978 and review the movie that changed an industry and would become one of the most profitable movies of all time, Halloween.  Listen in as Kyle & JD bust each other balls, talk current cinema, box office numbers and discuss the latest trailers for Star Wars and Stranger Things Season 2. Later in the episode we discuss the original Halloween in it’s entirety.  You don’t want to miss this episode!  Click Here to Listen to the episode on our site, Click Here


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Episode Teaser Trailer: Halloween (1978)


This week on episode teaser trailer we listen into the original 1978 trailer for the film Halloween.  Listen in as we break it down and talk about the entire trailer.  The full episode will drop on Friday and we dig into everything Halloween including Casting, Production Notes, Budget, Sequels and of course we have to talk about the William Shatner mask right?  Kyle and JD have a blast reliving and talking about what was great and which parts missed the mark.  Click here to listen on our website Listen Here


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Ghostbusters Station 6: Ep. 1 Review A show for the fan in all of us!


I have to say I’ve grown up on Ghostbusters, my early memories of my childhood involve me running around the block with my friends with a Proton Pack strapped across my back. My son who is now 4 years old will routinely ask me to play Ghostbusters with him where we strap on our packs and run around the top floor of our house busting ghosts in our trap and watching the GB1 and GB2 in our makeshift firehouse (his bunkbed).  When I heard about this web series Ghostbusters: Station 6 my initial reaction was one of excitement and curiosity.  After reaching out to the writer/director Chris Tomlinson I was able to obtain an early screener to help promote the series.  After viewing the pilot episode, I’m hooked!  The characters are easily lovable and you find yourself investing in them quickly much like the original cast.  The film follows Oscar Barrett who has now grown up and is working for Ghostbusters Station 6.  He’s a bit lazy and wants to almost fly under the radar, even passing off praise and giving up a paycheck to help out a fellow Ghostbuster.  After getting into an argument with franchise owner Marion Pascal he decides to quit and take an offer from his father to go to work with him.  After Specks is able to confirm Gladwell’s claim that there has been a steady increase in the class of encounters.  Gladwell is able to convince Oscar to stay by telling him they believe Vigo is back. ***SPOILERS***  The episode ends with Oscar, Gladwell, Whitman and Specks taking down the Coven Man.  Oscar believes more is to come as the episode closes out.  Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how the series will play out.  What I love about this series so far is it’s a labor of love, it’s a film by the fans for the fans and I know Ghostheads and Ghostbusters fans everywhere will support and love this show.  And of course, who ya gonna call?

Friday the 13th Ep. 10


In episode 10, we jump into the DeLorean and travel back to May 9th 1980 to breakdown the iconic Horror/Slasher film Friday the 13th.  Listen in as we talk about current cinema, Kyle gives a quick breakdown of Blade Runner 2049. We talk Box Office numbers as IT crosses the $600 million dollar mark worldwide and then get into all things Friday the 13th, including a full review of the film.  You can listen to the full episode by Clicking Here


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Ghostbusters: Station 6 Press Release



Ghostbusters: Station 6 is what happens when this beloved franchise meets a live action television show format.  The successful cartoon The Real Ghostbusters delved into the full potential Ivan Reitman’s original films set as a foundation, Station 6 will take cues from both influences.  Life inside a working Ghostbusters franchise outside of the main New York branch is filled with oddities and refocusing the camera on employees other than the main four will bring out not only comedy, but a look at the terrifying implications of a world with the constant threat of inter-dimensional beings trying to cross over to this plane of existence.


It’s been nearly 28 years since Vigo the Carpathian’s attempted crossrip left the Barrett family in the wake of yet another supernatural disaster.  Since then, Oscar Barrett’s journey has led him to work for the sleepy Ghostbuster franchise of Southern Califorina; Station 6.  Having never experienced any threat over a Class 3, it’s perfect for Oscar’s habitual laziness.  Although he looks up to his step dad, Dr. Peter Venkman, Oscar has waited a long time for an opportunity to step outside of “the Venkman Shadow.”  and he is given his chance when his partner Veronica “Roni” Gladwell begins to see an increase in the class of ghost the franchise encounters, which is indicative a new threat could be looming.  Soon the franchise’s resident conspiracy theorist Samuel Whitman, and technology geek and receptionist Michael “Specks” Edwards begin to confirm Gladwell’s theory.  Station 6’s franchise owner Marion Pascal being more interested in profits than his employee’s safety quickly squashes any conjecture of these threats since he has a vested interest in keeping the status quo, rather than ordering new equipment.  Soon, a previously unknown threat from Oscar’s past makes themselves known and evidence to why the Barrett family seems to be a constant target of the supernatural world is unearthed.


Ghostbusters: Station 6’s pilot episode will be posted on YouTube and Facebook on October 16th, 2017.
Written and Directed by Christopher J. Tomlinson.  Chris has worked in the film industry for over a decade and has been on the creative teams of over 150 professional level productions and directed 5 independent films.  The team assembled to bring this concept to life is made up of an all star cast and crew of industry professionals bent on continuing this beloved property’s tradition of cinematic excellence.  This production was also done in cooperation with local “real-life” Ghostbusters franchises: Orange County Ghostbusters, Southland Ghostbusters, and the Hollywood Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters: Station 6 stars:
Chris Kato as Oscar Barrett

Veronica Ray as Roni Gladwell

Joey Sinko as “Specks”

Jason Ashby as Samuel Whitman

Kelly Perine as Marion Pascal

Brent Huff as “Coven Man”
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Episode Teaser Trailer: Friday the 13th


In episode 10, we jump into the DeLorean and travel back to May 9th 1980 to breakdown the iconic Horror/Slasher film Friday the 13th.  Listen in as we talk about current cinema, Kyle gives a quick breakdown of Blade Runner 2049. We talk Box Office numbers as IT crosses the $600 million dollar mark worldwide and then get into all things Friday the 13th, including a full review of the film.  You can find us on social media @backintimepod and online at backintimepod.wordpress.com and you can listen to the full episode on our website as well by  Clicking Here